Vurse is where the short-video genre is more engaging and exciting. Vurse is guaranteed to engage you to the max! With our powerful AI-based curating systems, you will be able to stay updated with the latest trends and find the content that’s just right for you. All in one! All in Vurse!

With Vurse’s powerful suite of editing tools, it is easy to create content out of your everyday moments - and it all starts with a simple tap and hold. Add that extra flair to your content by using our collection of filters, special effects, and music.

Video editing

Let your imagination run wild. In the 30 seconds, you have for each video, the world is your playground. Record as many times as you want with as many pauses as you want. Then cut, trim and merge to your heart’s content to create your personal masterpiece.

Music editing

Take your masterpiece to the next level with our music editor. Choose from our curated library of the most popular tunes to independently cut, trim and overlay music clips onto each segment of your video.

Make every video a sensation

Our app has everything you need to realize your imagination for others to see. Use the camera to record, the studio to edit, and the feed to let people marvel at your creation. Be inspired by what you watch and inspire others by what you make.

Never run out of content

Our powerful Artificial Intelligence-driven systems are always here to serve you new and exciting content that’s custom picked to fit your taste.

Never run out of ideas

Our purpose-designed Machine Learning driven systems are always on top of the latest trends to give you ideas.

You’re talented, show it!